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Round Robin Test Plan

Item added 20th November 2010

The test plan was made available 19th November, and is attached here:-

Comparison round robin for EUT with wires - revised Nov 2010

Meeting of 30th November postponed

Item added 11th November 2010

It was agreed at the last meeting of the GTEM user group that a round robin test plan be drawn up, and the EUT itself circulated, so that test result comparisons could be prepared. It was intended that these comparisons be discussed at the next scheduled meeting. The test plan has been delayed and will be available for comment on Monday 15th November . Therefore the meeting scheduled for the 30th November is cancelled. Instead email comments on the proposed test plan are welcomed and should be sent to the chairman (, the secretary ( and to David Knight ( after Monday 15th November.

Once a test plan has been finalised by email, the EUT can then be circulated as planned and some meaningful results be drawn up for comparison and debate at the next GTEM User Group Meeting.  The next meeting of the GTEM user group will be held on 5th April.

If any member had intended to table urgent business on 30th November, please forward it to the Secretary for circulation to the group.

Used GTEMs available for sale

Item added 18th October 2010

Andy Dayer of EMC Shielding Solutions knows of one used GTEM750 and one used GTEM1100 available for sale.

Contact Andy on 01582 469369 or

Two papers added to the library

Item added 23rd December 2009

1. The Longitudinal field in the GTEM 1750 and the nature of the termination, by Benjamin Loader, Martin Alexander and John Blackburn.

2.  Cable bundling, by Richard Marshall, MA CEng. FIEE Richard Marshall Limited.

Click 'Library & Biblio' to access these papers.

Task Plan for GTEM Project

Item added 5th March 2007

The User Group proposed to the DTI that further research be done into the effect of cables in GTEM Cells.  This critical issue has been accepted and NPL have the contract to deliver a report on the subject.  We were anticipating that the project would be formulated some time this year but it has already started !

Preparation of a draft task plan took place in January and it seeks to include the User Group to ensure the involvement of industry.

If you would like to know more, please contact the GTEM User Group Secretary or Chairman.  Their details are given on the 'Contact Us' page of this site.

Low Voltage Directive

Item added 24th January 2007

New LVD in force
The January issue 20 of the Orgalime Newsletter has on page seven an article regarding the repeal of the Old Low Voltage Directive:-

The codified version of the LVD has been published in the OJ (L374, 27.12.2006). This means that as from the 16 January 2007, the old 73/23/ECC Directive is repealed and the new Directive 2006/95/EC of 12 December 2006 on the harmonisation of the laws of Member States relating to electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits enters into force. In practice this means that:

  • Member States are not obliged to transpose this new Directive, whose content does not alter the substance of the provisions contained in the act that has been codified.

  • Products placed on the market before the 16/01/2007 are unaffected.

  • For products placed on the market after the 16/01/2007: all explicit references to the LVD in the DoC, instructions for use, technical file, etc, are expected to be replaced by references to the new Directive 2006/95/EC.

However, as there is no substantial change to the provisions of the Directive, the European Commission and Member States representatives confirmed at the last LVD working party of 15/11/2006 that the above mentioned changes would be enforced in a reasonable manner, taking into account the principle of proportionality and the need to avoid creating unnecessary costs for manufacturers.

For instance, it would be unreasonable to require manufacturers to change all references to the LVD in the existing documents attached to products which have already been placed on the market under Directive 73/23/EEC and are expected to continue to be placed on the market after the 16/01/2007, for which documents may have already been printed in large quantities, taking into account future production as well.

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