The UK GTEM User Group

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The UK GTEM User Group is an informal interest group aiming to promote the use of the GTEM.
The group seeks to share technical knowledge and experience of using the GTEM cell and to assist new users.

A significant purpose of the group has been to encourage the inclusion of the GTEM as an alternative tool in radiated immunity and emissions measurements in the EMC standards, and has been influential in the development of IEC61000-4-20 which describes the use of GTEMs for this purpose.  

There are no fees.  Meetings are held two or three times per year, and are supported by a chairman and a secretary. 
Meetings provide a forum for discussions on all matters relating to EMC testing with GTEMs.
Frequently a guest speaker will deliver a paper on a learned subject. 
If you want to join the group, please contact the secretary.  See 'Contact Us'. 

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